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"Doing the Right Thing"

W6833 Industrial Blvd.

Onalaska, WI  54650

(608) 783-6727 x 111

Why ? . . .

7 Rivers Recycling, LLC was founded in 2011 by Hilltopper Refuse & Recycling Service, Inc. and D&M Recycling as a collaboration effort to do more in recycling.


Hilltopper and D&M are multi-generational family owned and operated businesses. Both have over 30 years of experience in recycling. Hilltopper focuses on the collection and transportation of waste and recyclables and the processing/marketing of recyclable containers and fiber.  D&M focuses on the recycling of containers and fiber with a permanent drop-off facility and weekend parking lot recycling venues. Both Hilltopper and D&M have had a secondary focus on recycling electronic waste and appliances; that is until now, with the collaborative creation of 7 Rivers Recycling.


With the creation of 7 Rivers Recycling, Brian Tippetts came on board to provide additional

organization and renewed creativity.  Brian is a nationally known solid waste

professional with a diverse background in solid waste and recycling .


Why the name 7 Rivers Recycling instead of a name like Green Loop or Blue Kitten or ???


The founders realized the area of the 7 Rivers Region was nearly an overlay of the

initial market area to be served by 7 Rivers Recycling and the name just stuck.


Why is 7 Rivers Recycling a for-profit business with such a not-for-profit mission?


7 Rivers Recycling believes in the Triple Bottom Line of business and for business economics to be truly sustainable, there needs to be a profit. Furthermore, 7 Rivers Recycling believes taxes should be paid on profits to support governmental services and that the for-profit status gives pride and legitimacy to all of the 7 Rivers Recycling workers.      


Why does 7 Rivers Recycling use workers with challenges?


7 Rivers Recycling believes in not only finding value in discarded material resource but in finding value in all humans, particular those that have challenges or may have a sense of being disenfranchised from society.


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